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Lotoya Neil

Lotoya is a trained and experienced physiotherapist with post graduate studies in Injection Therapy and a masters degree in Health & Social Care. A member of the Society of…

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Darnell Bailey

Darnell is a senior physiotherapist with expertise in neuro, musculoskeletal, and respiratory physiotherapy, as well as qualifications in Sports Massage, Fitness Instruction, and Sports Coaching. Darnell has worked as…

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Larisa Stan

Speaks English and Romanian Larisa’s dedication to improving the quality of life for her patients shines through her personalized approach to treatment. She has a proven track record of…

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Nimrit Cheema

Speaks English, Punjabi and Hindi Nimrit is an HCPC registered physiotherapist from Canada, with expertise in trauma and orthopaedic rehabilitation. Nim’s ability to communicate sensitively with patients and carers…

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Rebecca Kinnear

Becky is a Physiotherapy Assistant in the final year of her Masters Degree in Physiotherapy. Becky’s believes that the positive impact of physiotherapy extends beyond physical health, contributing to…

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Emily Cox

Emily is a dedicated member of the Well Life Team and we are very excited to support her in her Physiotherapy Apprenticeship. Her enthusiasm to learn more about hands-on…

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Jake Whitfield

Jake is an Admin and Clinical Assistant eager to provide a positive and welcoming experience to all our patients. Jake is studying Health and Social Care, and will be…

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