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Anon 7

Top physio – Knows what she is on about – Very kind and understanding – Very happy with results – When the receptionist tells you she will contact you,…

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Anon 6

Great service. Problem was quickly identified, exercises were given to help which have made a massive difference. Additionally, I didn’t feel pressured into making further appointments. Thanks Latoya!

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Anon 5

Many thanks to Lotoya for not only listening to me, but HEARING what I was saying! Had been in a great deal of pain for months, but as soon…

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Anon 4

Latoya is really knowledgeable and easy to talk to. I had physio through my GP service before, but this is much better and I feel that the exercises given…

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Anon 3

The help I received was of a very high standard and has changed my life. Would You Recommend: Yes

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Anon 2

A 5-star service, highly knowledgeable and specialist advice, fantastic with children, would recommend.

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Anon 1

It’s taken me a many years to find this practice, that said I’m delighted with the treatment I’m receiving. The staff are professional and knowledgeable, explaining each procedure in…

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