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Adam Gilbert

“I qualified from the University of Worcester in BSc Sports Therapy achieving an Upper Second-Class Honours and am a proud member of The Society of Sports Therapists (MSST). My working background is with some of the UKs largest retailers, where I developed my love for meeting & getting to know new people. My passion is for sport, particularly kickboxing, boxing, and MMA. I hold a 3rd degree Black belt with 13 years of experience‚Ķ literally under my belt! I have played football playing for several Sunday league teams, coached badminton for the West Bromwich Albion Foundation and am a keen gym goer. I also have experience in swimming and skiing.

I take pride in being a Sports Therapist with my goal being the prevention and rehabilitation of all musculoskeletal injuries, with the aim of getting you back to your optimal level of performance / function, irrespective of your age, background or ability. I specialise in massage, manual therapy and exercise prescription with each individual being treated according to their specific needs and lifestyle. I am a keen listener and sociable person who wants to help you understand your condition and develop your understanding on why this has occurred. I look forward to seeing you!”

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